As we prepare to return to our Clinical Practice we would like to share with you what we have been working on.

Over recent months we have recruited a vast amount of Physiotherapists to complement our Sports Therapists and now have a great mix of professions to deal with a broad range of conditions involving MSK, Sports Specifics, pain management and Rehabilitation.

We will be operating under the new business name of Physio Specialists Ltd with a new streamlined website to ensure a simplified route to treatment.

We have 10 clinics to open over the coming months with the aim to provide affordable and accessible treatments to a wide range of patients.

Follow our social media pages and you will receive regular updates/information on various Physio/Sport and Therapy related topics.

There are also some FREE download resources on our website to help you with a number of generic exercises and common injuries.

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Kind regards,
Physio Specialists Ltd
(Formerly, Sports Injury Specialists Ltd)

Physio Specialists Newcastle Clinic
Physio Specialists Newcastle Clinic
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