Remote Sessions

Telephone Video Clinical Assessments

It is not always cost effective or necessary to receive Face 2 Face physiotherapy services to tackle musculoskeletal issues.

Evidence indicates that the early management of musculoskeletal symptoms leads to quicker recovery.

Telephone video consultations can offer a safe, quick solution to most musculoskeletal conditions, allowing physiotherapy to be accessed at the time when it is likely to have the greatest impact on recovery.

Telephone Video consultations are becoming an increasingly popular and cost effective method for accessing early physiotherapy intervention.

Through our highly experienced team of Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists, we will carry out a full consultation with the patient and offer advice and self-management specific to the individual.

This may include work/sport related advice if appropriate, and provision of written and/or emailed video exercise programmes and advice where indicated.

Why use Telephone Video Clinical Assessments?

  • Patients receive appropriate and expert advice early on.
  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) indicates that many common musculoskeletal symptoms can be effectively managed by self-help models and advice and may not always require face to face physiotherapy.
  • Telephone video assessments can provide a flexible, practical and cost effective solution by reducing time away from work and improving accessibility.
  • This model can be used as a management tool to deliver assessment, advice and exercises where appropriate, and can be also used to triage those requiring a face to face physiotherapy consultation.
  • This service may be provided in addition to our face to face physiotherapy services which are being successfully run throughout the UK.

Our Clinics

With Clinics available across England and Wales you have Nationwide access to professional Treatments from Physio Specialists.

Physiotherapy Cardiff

Physio Specialists Cardiff Clinic is located in The Gym, Cardiff.

Physio Specialists High Wycombe Clinic is located in The Gym, High Wycombe.

Physiotherapy Leeds

Physio Specialists Leeds Clinic is located in the Xercise4less gym, 1 Kirkstall Rd, Leeds

Physio Specialists Newcastle upon Tyne Clinic is located in the Xercise4less gym at Benton.

Physio Specialists Sheffield Clinic is located in the Xercise4less gym at Hillsborough.

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